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Our mission

1 January 2022

The agency’s main mission is the coordination and development of agencies’ and other actors’ activities within Sweden’s psychological defence. We offer support to agencies, municipalities, regions, companies and organisations and contribute to strengthening resilience within our population. 

Psychological defence 

The purpose of psychological defence is to safeguard our open and democratic society, the free formation of opinion and Sweden’s freedom and independence.

Psychological defence must be able to identify, analyse, meet and prevent undue information influence and other misleading information that is directed at Sweden or Swedish interests both nationally and internationally. It can be disinformation aimed at weakening the country’s resilience and the population’s will to defend itself or unduly influencing people’s perceptions, behaviours and decision making.

Psychological defence must also strengthen the population’s ability to detect and resist influence campaigns and disinformation. Psychological defence contributes to creating resistance and willingness to defend among our population and in society as a whole.

The Swedish Psychological Defence Agency works both preventively and operationally and must be able to fulfil its tasks in peacetime and in war. We will contribute to a strong Swedish total defence that prevents conflicts.

A strong psychological defence is not just a matter for the Swedish Psychological Defence Agency, it is something we build together – agencies, municipalities, organizations and not least – individual citizens.