Research plays a key role in the development of new knowledge that helps us to build up strong, sustainable and modern psychological defence.

Under our remit, we monitor and convey research and other knowledge enhancement in matters concerning psychological defence. We also compile and disseminate knowledge based on current research in the field, but do not conduct any research of our own at the agency.

The Psychological Defence Research Institute

The Psychological Defence Research Institute was founded in 2022 at Lund University and is funded by the Psychological Defence Agency.

The Institute supports the agency in conducting research that contributes to developing society’s capabilities for identifying and counteracting the effects of malign information influence and other false or misleading information directed at Sweden.

To fulfil its remit, the Institute conducts research, establishes strategic partnerships with departments and researchers, initiates seminars and research conferences and ensures that research findings and trends in the field of psychological defence are communicated to relevant agencies and institutions

Psychological Defence Research Institute.

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