Cooperative council

The Psychological Defence Agency leads efforts on coordinating and developing the operations of agencies and other actors within Sweden’s psychological defence through a cooperative council.

The purpose of the cooperative council is to improve the conditions for coordinating the work of the actors and contribute to better common operational capabilities. By exchanging experiences and raising awareness of each other’s work, the actors can contribute to ensuring effective and long-term operations.

The agency convenes the meetings of the cooperative council and has a secretariat function for its ongoing operations.

Agencies included in the cooperative council

The psychological defence cooperative council includes agencies that, based on their role, responsibilities and remits, are of particular significance for psychological defence.

Participating agencies, besides the Psychological Defence Agency:

Military defence and security

The Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Security Service

Civil defence and resilience

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
The County Administrative Boards (represented by the County Administrative Board of Skåne).

Media and information

The Swedish Agency for the Media

Global communication and the image of Sweden

The Swedish Institute

Non-state actors

Civil society with a particular focus on the young, businesses and NGOs